1. Building Services Engineering

CJ2 designs mechanical and electrical systems that are designed to be compatible with base building systems, where possible, and advisable, to meet our Client's operating requirements as well as health and safety standards for the retail. customers and workplace.

We integrate our understanding of your space requirements for lighting, power, air-conditioning and fire services with our knowledge of local building codes to ensure optimal distribution and performance throughout your store.

2. Pre-Lease Services

Identify the best area in the most suitable location to meet our clients business needs ,budget and commercial plan. Evaluate the location, size, and technical configuration of space require to address our clients retail goals. As part of our pre-lease services, CJ2 can assist our clients establish special requirements, and provide a comparative base building analysis, allowing our clients to select the best location.

3. Procurement Management

We work directly with each trade and supplier to tightly control the cost, quality and timeliness of all orders, deliveries and installations. CJ2's expertise in the areas of procurement and construction ensures the ultimate result for our Clients' Retail interiors, correctly executed and delivered on time.

We factor Client preferences and local construction industry conditions to develop the optimum project delivery method for each project.

4. Strategic Facilities Planning

Our approach is to establish a complete understanding of all factors affecting our client’s facilities now and in the future.

Issues that will cause change are carefully identified and studied, providing potential solutions incorporating state-of-the-art techniques.

This approach client enables our clients to plan for retail trends and ensure that our client’s store will be designed to it’s maximize.