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Since 2002, this organization has been cooperating with the Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation to support children with medical needs.  Love Without Boundaries strives to finance life-saving surgery for children suffering from congenital heart disease.  The important goal of this charity is to allow these children to have a normal life.


In the last 10 years, 4.3 million RMB has been given to 96 children and their families.  Most of this fund raising happens at the Annual Charity Carnival.


CJ2 has supported Love Without Boundaries by providing graphic design and printing of a 30+page brochure for the Carnival for the past X years.  This brochure highlights the children (photos) and sponsors (logos and thank you) brought together each year to continue this life changing work.


CJ2 believes in the important work of this Charity and is proud lend our talent and expertise to document and celebrate this work.


Honorary member Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation
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